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Why LED Light Treatment?

The motivation came from our founder, Tom. Having lived with increasingly irritating dry skin issues, at 30 he finally sought a different approach. He decided to dig deeper and learned that collagen plays an important role in strengthening skin, elasticity and hydration. He also found that, unfortunately for him, the human body starts to produce about 1-2% less collagen every year from the age of 25. 

Tom then found himself perusing his girlfriends’ various lotions and potions (as many boyfriends do) and after getting lost down a rabbit hole of collagen related articles, noticed she was missing one particular item in her tool kit - an LED therapy mask. After speaking to a number of dermatologists, Tom started to look more closely at LED light therapy, and soon learned about the efficacy of near-infrared rays and how LED light boosts collagen production.

Our Story

At-home LED light therapy devices were first introduced to the market in 2014, having been widely used by dermatologists since the early 2000’s. After a number of years, the technology has now become as effective as machines used by dermatologist’s.

After conducting research on NIR and LED to make sure it is both safe and effective, we started testing different products. We quickly realised the benefits of light treatment; from eczema to acne, wrinkles to collagen production, LED treatment is hugely beneficial for several skin concerns. Since then, we have made it our priority to provide our customers with the best technology in the industry, as seen with the NIR Premium Mask.

Our Philsophy

Right from the start, we paid special attention to the bigger picture. Our products serve a clear purpose. Our serums are produced in the UK, with only natural and pure ingredients, to leave as little waste as possible. Everything we do is based on the three pillars of our company: Honesty, Purpose, and Responsibility.

That is why, with every product sold, we plant a tree; we give 5% of our profits to charities helping and looking after our planet. Our products are also FDA regulated, so you don't have to worry!

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